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Your career can grow with us, contact us today.
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Connolly Steele + Company is on an exciting journey and we’re expanding our tax and audit team. If you, or anyone in your network, is looking for a new opportunity in public accounting reach out to us at

Whether you’re a seasoned CPA, on the path to becoming one, or even contemplating a career shift, it’s worth a discussion. Talk is cheap and sometime the best opportunities come when you’re not even looking.

Check out the rest of our website for more information on us…We have a pretty cool firm (as far as accounting firms go). We’re committed to defining success uniquely for each team member and our mission is to provide everyone on our team with the opportunities, tools, and guidance to meet their definition of success.


Job Postings

Check back for often for new postings or reach out to us at

Connolly, Steele + Company has kept the needed coordination between
payroll, taxes and accounting well understood and pinpoint predictable.


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