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It's all about communication,
learning, and careful planning.
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Connolly, Steele + Company is your go-to, trusted partner for financial planning and advisory servicesBased in Pittsburgh, our team has been providing personalized financial guidance to local individuals and businesses for more than 20 years. Our services range from basic tax management and accounting services to financial statements, and financial planning.

We do things a little differently than other financial advisors. It's all about communication, learning, and careful planning. Much of our process is focused on education: You teach us about your business, your current situation, and your goals. Then, we help you develop a strategy, learn how to reach those goals, and become tax efficient.


Connolly, Steele + Company works hard to ensure that every client receives the close analysis and attention they deserve. Our mission is helping our clients achieve their goals. And that's also our passion.

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The Connolly, Steele + Company team is a small, but mighty group. We share more than 100 years of public accounting experience. But our commitment to our employees is equally responsible for delivering results. We've created an environment where we support our employees. And we strongly believe that this allows us to provide better support to our clients.


Over my 25 years as a business owner I have interacted with many professional service companies; accountants, lawyers, insurance brokers, etc.  I can say, without reservation, that the entire staff of Connolly, Steele + Company is the most professional, knowledgeable and friendly company with which I work.  I refer very few companies to friends and acquaintances.  Connolly, Steele & Company is one of the few that I recommend without hesitation.”


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