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A little over a year ago, we were introduced to the leadership of Green & Bridges, LLP (G&B). As expressed in Chris Green’s letter to you early last month, G&B felt that a potential merger with another local accounting firm would be an excellent step for securing a succession plan for Chris and Jim’s retirement (many years down the road we hope) as well as create a deeper and more robust firm, that would be able to handle any client need especially in adding a technology team and a strong payroll and bookkeeping team to the mix. We, at Connolly Steele + Company (CSC), were equally intrigued by the opportunity and saw the similarities of cultures and client service that made this combination look compelling and exciting. As we continued to get to know and collaborate with the G&B team, in some ways, it’s felt like discovering you had a relative you didn’t know you had. This combination just made sense from every angle.  And now we are just as excited to get to know the Green & Bridges clients!


Who is Connolly Steele + Company

We are an accounting firm of very similar size and strengths as G&B. My father, Lewis Steele, and I founded the business on January 1, 1996 and just celebrated our 26th year in business. Years later, my husband Mike, brought his technology skills and experience to the firm and operates under CSC Technology. We’ve steadily expanded our services and client base over the years and have grown our talented team to provide business advice to small business and individual clients from all walks of life.  We will be able to take our firm even further by bringing G&B onboard, especially in the accounting and auditing (A&A) field, where G&B’s expertise is well known.  Every one of our clients has unique tax and financial goals…our goal is to help them achieve them.

How will this affect your relationship with Green & Bridges?

It is all our intentions that you will notice little difference! We are thrilled that the whole G&B team will be joining us at our location on Ohio River Blvd.  Chris, Brandon, Jim, Stephanie, Kristen, Christine and Connie will all continue to work with you, just under a different roof. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your normal contact to work through any logistical or possible issues that you may experience.  We understand that change can be a difficult thing, but it can also be a good thing.  We have combined with Green & Bridges with an eye toward maintaining the things that caused you to be in a relationship with them.

Chris, Jim and Brandon have stewarded Green & Bridges and guided it to the success it’s enjoyed and have promised to stay with us, not just until the transition is successful, but for years to come.  Whether you’ve been a Green & Bridges client for 2 months, 2 years or 2 decades, we simply want to say welcome and we cannot wait to meet you.

Elizabeth (Li) Connolly

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