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Pricing Information

Pricing Information

Many of our standard accounting and tax services are available for a set cost. Click here to find up-to-date pricing information for business, individual and payroll options. Some services have varying time requirements which make such standard pricing impractical; in those cases hourly fees, calculated in tenths of an hour, are charged. A complete list of our standard charges follows, together with the basis of our hourly billing rates. Whenever practical, we determine the scope of the work before it is begun, and prepare a written estimate of our expected fee. Initial consultations with new clients are free of charge.



Business Services


Bookkeeping and Analysis
Bookkeeping Services, including data entry and account reconciliation $75 per hour
Trial Balance Analysis, including year-end adjustments $100 per hour


NetClient CS Web Portal
NetClient Web Portal with Client Bookkeeping Solution Individually Priced


Business Data Transfer Service (BDTS)
Secure and simple transfer of QuickBooks files for transmission and automatic offsite backup. $120 per year


QuickBooks® Consulting
Setup and Training $100 per hour


Business Tax Returns
Business Income Tax Returns, including Corporations, S Corporations, Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies (Federal and one State) Individually Priced
Forms 1099 $75 per hour
Business Privilege and Mercantile Tax Returns $100 per hour
Sales Tax Returns (exclusive of records analysis) $40


Financial Statements

All financial statements are prepared on the basis of generally accepted accounting principles with full footnote disclosure unless otherwise stated.

Financial Statements with Compilation Report $1,500
Financial Statements with Review Report $2,800


Consulting Engagements
All business consulting engagements will be separately quoted based on the definition of the project and an estimate of time at our standard rates currently ranging from: $125 to $400 per hour

(Effective January 1, 2017. Subject to change without notice)



Individual Tax Services


Basic Return Preparation

Includes Federal Form 1040, Schedule A, Schedule B (up to 10 entries), Schedule D-Capital Gain Dividends, IRA reporting, Form 1040-ES (estimates), one State and one Local return

Complex returns which include Schedules C, D, E, F, ACA related requirements and others will be individually priced based on estimated time required and complexity.

$ 450

Electronic Filing is required and included at no additional cost. Bookkeeping services, including preparation of depreciation schedules, estimate planning and other consulting will be billed at our standard hourly billing rates for the time required. Out of pocket expenses will be billed at cost.

(Effective January 1, 2017. Subject to change without notice)



Payroll Services


Basic Payroll Package (exclusive of Payroll tax preparation)
For payrolls of 1 –employee, same pay $ 25.00 per pay
For payrolls of 1-5 employees $ 40.00 per pay
For payrolls of 6-15 employees, per employee add $ 3.50
For payrolls in excess of 15, per employee add $ 2.50
Direct Deposit
Per transaction fee $ 1.50

The above fees are designed to be inclusive. In accordance with the client’s wishes, we will provide printed checks or summary reports or both. Also included is the calculation and payment of Federal and Pennsylvania payroll tax liabilities. 

For clients who prepare their own payrolls, but rely upon us to review the payroll and process your payroll tax deposits, we will price services based on the payroll processing schedule:

    • Weekly - $50.00/month 
    • Bi-Weekly and Semi-Monthly - $45.00/month
    • Monthly - $40.00/month


For clients who rely on us only for quarterly payroll and payroll tax processing, we will price services based on one payroll processing (exclusive of records analysis.)


Payroll Package Upgrades (additional fee applies for number of employees >5, see above)
Gold $ 55.00 per pay
Direct Deposit Fee Waived
Includes the above processing plus Client Remote Payroll Entry, Employee Self Service and other additional submissions (ie. Child Support, Simple Plan Deposits, etc.).
Silver $ 50.00 per pay
Direct Deposit Fee Waived
Includes the above processing plus Client Remote Payroll Entry and Employee Self Service.
Bronze $ 45.00 per pay
Direct Deposit Fee Waived
Includes the above processing plus Remote Payroll Entry
Includes the above processing plus Employee Self Service.
Payroll Package Upgrades - Description of Services
Client Remote Payroll Entry
The client enters time directly into timesheet accessed online via a secure internet portal accessed through our web-site.  The Client will access their timesheet and input hours; this eliminates the need to communicate via email, fax or phone payroll hours. The Client is notified via email that a timesheet is ready to be completed, logs into their secure portal and submits the time. Connolly Steele & Company is notified that a timesheet has been submitted and completes the payroll.
Employee Self-Service
Employee self-service enables the Client’s employees to access their paystubs and W-2’s online through a secure internet portal.  Each employee will register an account and create a password allowing them to view payroll information. For Direct Deposit Clients, this eliminates the need to print paystubs. In addition, employees can update W-4 information using the secure internet portal.
Additional Payroll Services
PA-100 Registration $ 100.00
Worker's Compensation Audit $ 45.00
Simple Plan Deductions & Online Payment $ 5.00
Payroll Tax Processing
For quarterly payroll tax returns, including Federal Forms 941, PA Forms UC-2 and W-3, local earned income tax withholding per quarter and local services tax $ 135.00
City of Pittsburgh ET-1 Return $ 10.00

For year end payroll returns:
Forms W-2, including Federal & State Online filing 
and one local
Additional State or Local
$ 10.00/each

$ 10.00/each
Forms 940, Annual Federal Unemployment Tax returns $ 10.00
Forms 1099
$ 40.00/min (based on hourly rate)

(Effective January 1, 2017. Subject to change without notice)



Quickbooks® Consulting Services


QuickBooks® Consulting
Setup and Training $ 100 per hour


(Effective January 1, 2017. Subject to change without notice)